My Favourite YouTube Channels - Series

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Hi guys! So I've been having a wee think about new 'features' I can have here on my blog, and since I'm a bit of a YouTube addict, I think I'm going to start a little 'Spotlight on a Youtube Channel' series! This is not limited to beauty channels - I'll include singer-songwriters, vloggers etc too! I'm constantly finding new YouTubers who I love to watch, and at times when there isn't much on TV that I'm watching (which thanks to my current weekend obsessions with The Voice and Once Upon a Time leaves my weekdays pretty television free!) YouTube pretty much becomes my TV! This is really just a little introduction, as my first post in this series will go up later today! So do leave a comment below if there are any particular channels you love to watch, and let me know why, I'm always on the lookout for new channels to add to my ever expanding subscriptions list :P

Lynsey xx

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