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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Hello hello lovelies! Yes, I have just used the name of a book shop as the title of this blog post because, in a nutshell, that is what this is going to be about!

I was a seriously avid reader as a child. My mum, dad and granny all used to read to me constantly, which led to me reading lots on my own, and I loved books! The later years of high school saw a slight drop in my 'reading for pleasure' what with all the work for my Highers, and then Uni came along and I got completely out of the habit of it. Sadly, I had enough to read for my film and tv course, and even more so for my comparative literature course in first and second year, so at the time of night when I used to read, I started watching youtube videos, and never really looked back!

Now, however, I want to get back into the way of reading, so thought I'd share with you the pile of books I have waiting next to my bed to be read over the coming weeks :) If you have read any of them let me know what you thought (I expect The Hunger Games will be one a lot of people have already read!)...

Top to Bottom - Cecelia Ahern - The Time of My Life, Harlan Coben - Caught, Suzanne Collins - The Hunger Games, Steve Hamilton - The Lock Artist, Amanda Hocking - Switched, Craig Ferguson - American on Purpose

Also, I thought I'd tell you a couple of books I have thoroughly enjoyed over the past year or so, and ask for some tips on what to read next!:)

Firmin - Sam Savage

I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. It tells the story of a rat living in a book shop, who eats his way through the novels, literally digesting knowledge, and becoming wonderfully wise, and clued up on all aspects of life. It is lovely.

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The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov

This is a much more intellectual kind of read. I read a lot of Russian literature from the late 1800s/early 1900s for my Comparative Lit course, and I really enjoyed it. This one I have only read once and will need to read again to properly understand and appreciate it, but even the first time round it totally captivated me. It explores religion and politics and human behaviour all in a really interesting way.

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Keeping Faith - Jodi Picoult

I'm a fan of Jodi Picoult's, I always find myself fascinated by her characters, and she tackles some really serious topics in a totally unpretentious way, which I love. This one, I read on holiday last year, and thought it was brilliant. It hasn't overtaken 19 Minutes as my favourite book of hers, but it's a close second. It explores how religious experience affects the non-religious when a single mum's young daughter starts talking to angels. I thought, even just in terms of exploring what it means to be a parent, this was a really good read.

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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me - Mindy Kaling

Have you watched the American version of The Office? If so, then you'll recognise the genius that is Mindy Kaling as not only an executive producer, and writer, on the hit show, but also one of it's stars - she plays Kelly Kapoor. Anyway, this is a sort of autobiographical book, compiled of snippets of her life, her work, and her thoughts, and it is absolutely hilarious. She really reminds me of my best friend and me in terms of the things she discusses in this book, and her sarcastic tone, so it got a huge thumbs up from me.

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I'm halfway through Craig Ferguson's autobiography (American on Purpose) at the moment and I'm loving it! He grew up not far from where I live, so it's a really interesting read.

If you guys have any good recommendations (I'm hearing a lot of good things about Game of Thrones?) then let me know in the comments! What you been reading recently? :)

Hope you're all well, and look out for my next favourite youtube channels post, it'll be up later in the week :)

Lynsey xxx


  1. You know, I have had The Master of Margarita for years, but never read it. I may have to give it a go this summer! xo

    1. Oh you should, it's amazing! It's completely surreal and I'm definitely going to have to read it again as I said, but it's really worth it! I was reading about The Old Fashioned Way over on your blog, it's such an amazing idea! I totally agree with you, we don't write enough letters these days :) xx