Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibition at FIT - New York!

Monday 28 March 2016

Well hello there - very long time, no see!

I apologise for the lengthy absence here on my little corner of the internet. If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you'll know I've still been posting weekly content over there during my blogging break, but between work, YouTube, socialising and binging a lot of Netflix (for the purposes of reviewing for YouTube, of course), blogging fell by the wayside.

I can't promise that this is me back, however, this is a post I felt I had to do to go along with the video that is going up on my channel today! It's Day Five of my New York vlogs, and the only one which required photos to be inserted - wouldn't you know it, iPhoto just will not play ball at the moment. It keeps buffering and freezing and crashing, generally driving me mad. Anyone with any tips on fixing that, please feel free to leave advice in the comments, or tweet me (@lynseymac1)!

ANYWAY, here are the photos from the beautiful Fairy Tale Fashion Exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York that we visited on day five. The photos don't actually do justice to how utterly stunning these dresses were, but it's better than nothing!

Suffice to say, we fell completely in love with this exhibition - huge thanks to our lovely friend Lianne for telling us about it! Hope you enjoyed seeing these photos, and if you fancy checking out my New York vlogs, head on over to my channel where days one to four are already live!

Thanks for stopping by!

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