100 Happy Days!

Sunday 12 January 2014

Hello all!

I'm still in the midst of exam/essay madness, so apologies for the lack of posts - I'm going to get back to my Wednesday/Sunday schedule next week, I promise!

However, I just wanted to do a wee post to mention that I'm taking part in the 100 Happy Days challenge - I'm currently on day 6! January is typically the most depressing month of the year. The festive season has left us yearning for cosy nights in eating too much and spending time with family, and enjoying guilt free nights out with friends with no work or uni the following day - subsequently leaving many of us penniless. Therefore, any little opportunity to lift our spirits has to be a good thing!

Obviously, I'm not naïve enough to think that posting a photo of a cup of tea means that life is perfect, or that that day has been full of joy - that's completely unrealistic! But what's nice about this challenge is that even on the most seemingly rubbish of days, you find some little part of it that you enjoy and focus (even just for the time it takes to instagram of photo of it) on that, rather than what has been bad about the day.

Here are my photos so far... there's definitely a bit of a theme to my images, isn't there (food and drink making up 2/5, as per usual)... the last one looks bizarre, but is actually a screenshot of the results of a quiz Emma and I decided to try last night - it was to discover which Sherlock character you are, and I, apparently, am most like Molly. It was an evening of equally balanced deep and meaningful talk, and laughing at absolute nonsense, which is generally how a night in goes for us. So that was a clear winner for yesterday's image!

If you're taking part in the #100HappyDays challenge let me know - I'd love to see what you've been posting. I know you can use lots of different platforms to share your images, but for me it's instagram! I'm @lynseymac1 over there (as well as on twitter).

Hope you've all had a great start to 2014, and be sure to leave me a link in the comments to your twitter or instagram (or wherever!) if you're taking part.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. What a lovely concept! I look forward to see what makes you happy! :-) I will take part in this, but seeing as I have exams and really want to focus on that now, I will start in february :-) xx

  2. I'm also doing this and will be on day 10 tomorrow! I love this idea and its so much fun! I was also never failed to be given something to photograph and be happy about, its fabulous!

    Check out my blog with a link to my Instagram and tell me what you think of my attempt at the 100 days happy challenge!

    Keep smiling,
    Dainty A x