Glasgow Blogger Meet Up :)

Monday 29 July 2013

As most people know, the best thing to come out of blogging for me is the people I have met the friends I've made. I know it sounds cliched, but it's true. Some of the lovely girls I've met through blogging events have become real friends, and I always look forward to seeing them. When it dawned on me a few weeks ago that I hadn't been to a good old fashioned meet up in ages (there have been plenty formal events organised by brands/companies, just no casual meet ups) I decided to bite the bullet and organise one!

So, on Saturday night some of us Scottish blogging ladies met up for cocktails in Hortons in Glasgow, and had a smashing time (even if I do say so myself)! We all love a formal event with a wee prosecco at the door and some fancy products to cast our eyes over, but sometimes it's nice to just meet up for a chat!

Me and Roisin, Me and Laura, Me and Kirsty (I'm so self-indulgent ;)) and everyone!

I love that when I meet up with these girls there are names I can mention from the YouTube or blogging world and they instantly know who I'm talking about, in a way that non-blogging friends don't! It's brilliant to go from chatting away about something completely non-blog related to suddenly overhearing someone say ''did you see that tweet so and so posted about so and so's video'', and suddenly be ranting away about that. Don't get me wrong - my non-blogging friends (including the infamous bestie Emma who you'll have heard me mention every other minute) are amazing and I love them to pieces - but it's nice to be able to say ''Did you see Tanya's million subscribers video?'' and be greeted with more than a blank stare ;) It's more than just blogging though. You meet such lovely people, who you find you have so much in common with, and it's crazy to think that if I'd never started rambling away on my wee corner of the internet I'd never have met them!

Me, Kirsty, Laura, Lynne and Morag

I really feel like we are so lucky to have the blogging community we've got here in Scotland. I remember the first event I ever went to - even though my friend Gemma was with me, I was still so nervous - but within no time at all we were having a great night, and a couple of events in I forgot to even be nervous turning up on my own! I know that I'm either going to be catching up with blogging friends I've already made, or meeting new ones - it's a win win! I know I'm guaranteed to have a great night at whatever event we go along to - speaking of which, I still haven't posted my video from the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival opening night which some of us popped along to, YouTube is being a pain. Apparently one of the tracks from iMovie, which are all free to use in any video, has managed to match to two separate 'Third Party Content'. Anyone with advice on which tab to click when disputing this, please get in touch :P

Nikki, Melissa, Gillian and Roisin

Anyway, apologies for the rubbish quality photos - decided against taking my swanky new Canon since it was a casual kind of affair, and just took photos on my phone. In the dark bar, hence the ever-so-grainy effect! If anyone took some better quality photos that they'd like to send me, please do!

Thanks so much to all the girls who came along! Organising an event (even one as casual as this!) is always a wee bit nerve wracking, but it was a great night and it was so lovely to see you all - let's do it again soon!

Laura - The Likely Lady
Roisin - Rose Keats
Iona - Iona Blogs
Kirsty - Indigo Buttons
Lynne - Cocktails and Daydreams
Gillian - Gillian Etc
Nikki - The Lunar Lights
Morag - Mo Adore
Lisa and Sami - Beauty Aesthetic
Melissa - Stylish Kids
Lynsay - West End Girl
Lauren - Living in a Boxx
Claire - Bee Waits
Sherri - Betty Swollocks
Wendy - Thank Fifi

And thank you so much to SaraJayne from and Pavan from for coming along too - it was so lovely to meet you both!


  1. I hope there is another meet-up soon too! :D i was gutted that i couldn't go on saturday :( I wonder if we should have a meet up around christmas time - i know a long way off but that would be so good too - a blogger christmas party/dinner :) hehe

    looks like you had alot of fun :)

    1. Absolutely! I know, it's such a shame you couldn't make it, but we'll get something else arranged really soon! xx

  2. Looks like a great time. Shame I couldn't make it but there's always next time I suppose! It's lovely that you've got so many blogger friends. It's one of my favourite things about blogging - getting to chat to other people. It'd be lovely to change just chatting to people to friendship one day!

    Debi x

    1. Definitely! Hopefully see you at the next one, whenever it is :) xx

  3. Oh, this is such a lovely post! I completely know what you mean, too. The absolute best thing about blogging is the pals you make. Although I've got to be honest... There are a few of those photos I don't actually remember, ha! I think I got a bit tipsier than I had intended to. Woopsies! So apologies for (potentially) spouting rubbish- but I'm glad I met ye and glad we have such a lovely bunch of bloggers up here! Hurrah!xxx

    1. Haha aww you did not, you were fine! We do indeed don't we, it's always so lovely seeing everyone :) xx

  4. Looks like you all had a lovely time! You've definitely come a long way, from a shy girl to a blogger event organiser! I hope to once go to an event myself and be able to meet so many new blogger friends! :-) X

  5. Aww! That's so cute :) This has well cheered me up on a gloomy Tuesday! Miss you all already xox

    1. Aww I'm glad it cheered you up girly! :) xx

  6. Aww, great pictures! Thanks again for organising the meet up :) Hopefully we can do it again soon and properly catch up :) xx

    1. Definitely, need to get something else planned soon and have a proper chat :) xx

  7. I cannot wait to join you next time! xx