Why, within two weeks, I've become obsessed with Misfits...

Thursday 24 March 2011


As my last post might suggest, I am a self-confessed American television addict. Ask my friends, to get through a day without me referencing 24, Veronica Mars or Lost, at some point, is a triumph. From drama (Lost etc), to comedy (Arrested Development) and everything in between, despite being frustrated at the lack of high quality Scottish programming, my rapidly growing dvd box set collection has, for the past few years, consisted of far more US than UK tv. Particularly, I must say, when it comes to teen tv. I do love my Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl, and the number of times I go to pick out a dvd to watch and think 'I'll just stick on an episode of Gilmore Girls' is unbelievable.

Enter, Misfits, the E4, Bafta winning teen show which burst onto our screens in November 2009 and had critics and fans alike raving from the word go. Sadly, my aversion to Skins couldnt help but influence me and seeing the trailers, my initial thought was 'here we go again'. Another British teen drama promoting sex, drugs and drinking, and filling the heads of sixteen year olds with the idea that this sort of lifestyle is glamorous. Only this time they have supernatural powers. Go figure. So, stupidly, I didn't even bother to tune in and see what all the fuss was about - remember that thing they say about assuming?!

Anyway, eighteen months on with two series under its belt, Misfits is still going strong. And with both my brother and my best friend rushing out to buy the series 1+2 dvd set, I realised that at some point I was probably going to end up watching at least a couple of episodes. I now must thank my aforementioned best friend Emma, because about a month ago this came true, when she (who had already gotten completely addicted after buying the dvds) suggested watching the first episode one thursday night when nothing else was on. And from the first episode I was hooked.

Yes, Misfits has some of the Skins type elements that I suspected it would have - sex, drugs and some seriously crude language at times. But unlike Skins, there doesn't seem to be an element of glamour about Misfits. The focus and the intrigue lies with the characters themselves, and the changes they go through after the storm. The writing is smart, and unbelievably funny, with some of Nathan's one liners in particular leaving you laughing several scenes down later. But in addition to the comic moments, there are some really well written poignant storylines, and genuinely tear jerking moments - see 'future Simon's' death in season 2, or Nathan's brother Jamie's death in the episode before. The characters are not only well written, but portrayed brilliantly by the five young actors who take centre stage - they each bring something totally different to the table. The character progression and the build up of trust and friendship between them over the two series is remarkable. The revelation that Super-hoodie is in fact 'future Simon' is probably one of my favourite scenes in anything I've watched for a long time, and the way Alisha and present Simon's relationship begins to grow and develop once she falls in love with future Simon is amazing to watch - kudos to Iwan Rheon (Simon) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha), you could never have imagined those two as a couple in series one, but they pull it off beautifully.

I've successfully managed to get through both series two and the christmas special in the space of five days, and had I not had an essay to write, trust me, it would have been quicker. You can't help but think, while you're watching it, how amazing would it be to be the person who came up with the idea for this. The possibilities are endless - with so many people affected by the storm, anything could happen in series three, especially with the end of series two signalling a change in direction with our five heros each choosing a new power! Can you tell I'm excited already?

So, there we have it, several reasons why Misfits completely trashed any preconceptions I had of it, and proved to be one of my favourite things on tv this year. The writing, the chemistry between the characters, the darkly comic tone...

And yes. I'll admit it. The fact that I've developed a bit of a thing for Simon/Iwan Rheon (I think more the character than the actor) is another tiny reason why I've been enjoying it so much :P but hey, that's just an added bonus!

So congratualtions Misfits, you are completely addictive and like nothing else we've seen in terms of British 'teen' tv in a long time. Bring on series three :)

Lynsey x

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